About ME

About Page Software

Hello Friends my name is Ali Haider Shah and I am the CEO and Founder of Cracks of Shah. I am 20 years old and I was born in Pakistan, Punjab, Kot Addu. I am a full time gamer and student by profession. I have many websites of gaming, but now I have decided to make a website of software, so I have made this website, on this website I will upload working games and software.

How We Upload Games?

When it comes to upload games, we first download the game on our PC and then we make a tutorial of that game with installation proof. When each and everything is done, then we try to upload that game on our website.

If the pattern of installing the game is easy, then we don’t make any installation video, then we just upload game with some instructions.

How We Upload Software?

To upload software we first download that software and upload it on a particular website, when each and everything works fine, then we upload that software on our website.

Request a Game and Software?

If you need any game or software, then you can comment inside the comments section, we will try to upload that game or software.